Your Everyday Ethical and Sustainable Essentials

Handcrafted fashion accessories to end human trafficking.

Wear the Change You Seek

Every purchase fuels a day of freedom from human trafficking, slavery, and poverty through sustainable employment opportunities and fair wages.

When you shop MADE FREE, you're empowering women and men to shape a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Ethical and sustainable. No compromises.

Every piece we offer is ethically made and sustainably sourced. It's simple: when you choose MADE FREE, you're choosing a world of freedom.

Meet the Makers Behind Every Stitch

Our mission: Empower Makers economically and unlock one million self-sustaining job opportunities.

When equipped with training, tools, and resources, MADE FREE Makers lead the way to a brighter tomorrow.


MADE FREE Factories Meet or Exceed Fair Trade Standards

All MADE FREE factories are World Fair Trade certified. Fair Trade guarantees fair pay for our makers and workers—often more than the market rate.

This approach helps lift people from poverty and secures a steadier income.

Our factories support safe, healthy work environments and the right to form unions. This is vital in sectors like manufacturing, where unsafe and unfair work conditions are more common.

When communities have access to jobs that pay fair wages and respect workers' rights, individuals are less likely to fall prey to the false promises of traffickers.

Fair jobs create a safety net, giving people stability and security, making it harder for exploitation to happen while boosting the community's economy.

Fair Trade promotes caring for the environment through sustainable practices. This helps protect the environment and ensures communities and workers stay healthy and safe, reducing harm from dangerous chemicals and methods.

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