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Celebrating Ahmad: A Father's Day Tribute

Celebrating Ahmad: A Father's Day Tribute to the inspiring journey of Ahmad, a resilient man who found stability and hope through his work at MADE FREE.

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Backpacks for College Students

Find the perfect eco-friendly backpack, designed with sustainability in mind. All ethically made from recycled polyester and ethically sourced materials.
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5 Eye-Opening Fast Fashion Documentaries

Uncover the hidden impact of fast fashion with our must-watch documentaries. This curated list will change how you see the fashion industry forever.

Best Gifts for Father's Day 2024: 7 Top Picks from MADE FREE

Celebrate Father's Day 2024 with unique gifts! Our top picks for every type of dad - eco-friendly, creative, stylish, and practical choices await.
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What is a lifetime guarantee? And how is it sustainable?

Trust and quality are key in consumer products, with a lifetime guarantee ensuring long-term reliability. Discover its holistic impact on sustainability.

Sustainability: More Than Just the Materials

Dive deeper into what it means to be truly sustainable: ethical labor practices, environmental impact, and product lifecycle. Explore more with MADE FREE.
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How to Organize Your Purses at Home: A Fun and Practical Guide

Discover practical and fun ways to organize your purse collection at home with the MADE FREE guide. Declutter, categorize, and upcycle for a sustainable approach!

Everything You Need to Know About Our Top Recycled Polyester Products

Celebrate International Recycling Day with MADE FREE's backpack, belt bags, and hip packs – ethically made from recycled polyester.
A collection of used plastic bottles, strings, and pieces of cloth on a light blue background. The plastic bottles are crushed, and the strings and cloth appear sorted by color. The scene emphasizes recycling and repurposing materials.
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Celebrating World Fair Trade Day: How You Can Get Involved

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day by learning about the movement promoting fairness and equity in the global marketplace. Support workers worldwide!