Personalized Gifts for Every Special Occasion

Celebrate life’s milestones with gifts that support freedom from human trafficking.


Why gift with MADE FREE?

We believe that every gift can be meaningful and make a difference. Our collection of handcrafted bags and accessories supports sustainable employment and gives back to the communities that make them.

Perfect for any group event of 25+ orders or more – our customizable products add a touch of uniqueness to your celebrations.

Give Gifts That Last

Opt for thoughtfully chosen gifts that align with your values and add depth to your gesture, making the celebration even more memorable.


MADE FREE offers group gifting orders for 25 or more items. Fill out the form to receive your quote and sample.


Celebrate with Purpose By Standing Against Modern Slavery

According to Walk Free, close to 50 million people live in modern slavery today.

When individuals are employed in fair and safe conditions, they are less likely to fall prey to exploitative practices. This creates a protective barrier against trafficking and slavery.

By choosing MADE FREE for your group gifting, you're supporting freedom from human trafficking.


End Human Trafficking with an Ethical Supply Chain

We empower men and women in India by providing livable wages, safe environments, skills training, and career opportunities, all through our fair trade standards.

Embrace Eco-Friendly Materials

We use organic cotton, recycled polyester, and eco-friendly materials to reduce pollutants and waste.

Cut Down on Waste

Every item is handcrafted with high-quality craftsmanship. Built to last, supporting sustainability not just in materials but in the longevity of the product itself.

Sustainability: More Than Just the Materials

Sustainability goes beyond the materials we use. Sustainability includes fairness, equality, and transparent business practices.

When you choose MADE FREE, you support responsible business practices that foster a better, more just world.

Join us in building a sustainable future for people and the planet.