Affiliate Program to help promote sustainable back packs tote bags and other fair trade items made from 100% recycled ploy, eco-friendly materials
Earn commissions on sales made with your unique discount code while promoting products that support freedom from human trafficking, slavery, and poverty!
What you can expect:
— Free MADE FREE E-gift card to start
— Commissions on any sales made with your unique discount code (after taxes and shipping)
— Monthly payment and sales report
A little bit about us:
We believe reform is not sustainable if it’s not holistic, integrating ecological, social, and economic measures. It’s one thing to use environmentally sound materials in all products, but if the maker isn’t cared for, this “sustainability” has a net-negative impact. 
On the flip-side, if we don’t utilize ecologically sound materials, we can destroy the very communities in which our crafters reside. This is why we are doing all we can to help end the injustice of slavery and extreme poverty through well-paying, ethical jobs while using eco-friendly, organic, recycled materials as much as possible.
We approach design and production in ways that care for people and the planet. Our products are handcrafted by small factory teams that meet or exceed the World Fair Trade Organizations (WFTO) standards. We use 100% organic cotton canvas. And we use the finest eco-friendly, vegetable-tanned, biodegradable leather -- leather that is actually a waste byproduct which would be otherwise discarded into a landfill.
Together, we believe we can change lives while stewarding our planet, providing the maker a dignified, empowered pathway out of extreme poverty and reducing their risk of being trafficked or enslaved.