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Babli's Story: From the Shadows to a Brighter Future

Meet Babli. Her story is a testament to strength, hope, and transformation. Born in a squatters camp beside a Hindu temple in Delhi, India, Babli's early years were marked by fear and hardship.


Early Struggles

Babli and her sisters faced constant uncertainty and danger in their makeshift home. Every afternoon, she earned a few rupees by decorating hands with henna, but the money went to her father’s alcohol addiction. Eventually, her father abandoned the family, leaving them to struggle for survival.


busy streets of delhi, india

A New Beginning

Babli’s life changed dramatically three years ago when she was given the chance to learn to read and write in Hindi, improve her English, and receive vocational training. This education was a turning point, offering her a path to a better future.


The Power of Education and Fair Trade Employment

With her new skills, Babli secured a stable job as an artisan with MADE FREE. In her fair trade work environment, she crafts beautiful, handcrafted products with care and pride. This job is more than just a means to earn a living; it’s a pathway to independence and self-reliance. Every day, Babli works hard, gaining confidence and envisioning a future full of possibilities.

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Transforming Lives

Babli's determination is inspiring. Her job allows her to save money with the hope of buying a house and providing a safe haven for her sisters. Her journey from the slums to a stable life is a beacon of hope for many in her community.


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A Future Full of Hope

Today, Babli stands as a symbol of what can be achieved with resilience and opportunity. At MADE FREE, we are inspired by her courage and determination. Her story highlights the transformative power of education and support, showing how one person’s success can uplift an entire community.

Babli is not just working; she is building a life filled with hope and possibilities. Her journey is a powerful reminder of the potential within every individual, waiting to be unleashed with the right opportunities. At MADE FREE, Babli represents the change we strive to create—a world where everyone has the chance to thrive.



The MADE FREE model provides sustainable social reform by addressing the root causes of slavery and poverty.

MADE FREE artisan sewing label into recycled poly backpack


Fair Trade Certified Factories

All MADE FREE factories meet or exceed World Fair Trade Organization standards, ensuring fair pay, safe working conditions, and the right to form unions.


Livable Wages & Income Security

Fair Trade guarantees fair pay, lifting people from poverty and providing income security.


Safe Working Conditions

Our factories support safe, healthy work environments, essential in sectors where unsafe conditions are common.


Community Development

Fair jobs create a safety net, reducing the risk of exploitation and boosting the community's economy.


Sustainability & Environmental Protection

We promote sustainable practices, protecting the environment and ensuring the health and safety of workers and communities.




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