A silhouette of a man joyfully lifting his child in the air against a beautiful sunset backdrop.

Celebrating Ahmad: A Father's Day Tribute

Meet Ahmad, a man who embodies the spirit of resilience and dedication. With four growing children at home and a loving wife battling chronic illness, Ahmad's journey to becoming a lead maker at MADE FREE is nothing short of inspiring.

A Struggle for Stability

Ahmad's life before joining MADE FREE was marked by uncertainty. He struggled to find consistent work, leaving him worried about how he would afford his children's education, his wife's medical needs, and the basic necessities for his family. In his part of South Asia, where dinner tables are replaced by floor eating mats, the lack of a stable income was a heavy burden.

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Empowering Through Education and Health

Everything changed when Ahmad joined the MADE FREE team. With regular work and a consistent salary, Ahmad now has the financial stability he desperately needed. His role involves meticulously sewing MADE FREE bags, a craft he has mastered with pride and dedication.

Ahmad father's day quote: “We work hard, and it is a kind and wonderful atmosphere.”


One of the most significant benefits of working with MADE FREE is the scholarship program that allows all four of Ahmad's children to attend school. This opportunity not only secures their future but also brings Ahmad immense joy and hope. 

Additionally, with his hard-earned money, Ahmad can afford the necessary healthcare for his wife. The company nurse visits regularly, and his wife finds support and encouragement from other women working in the business. This holistic approach to employment ensures that workers like Ahmad can thrive both professionally and personally, leading to healthier and more resilient families, and thus, healthier more resilient communities. 

Ahmad shares, “We work hard, and it is a kind and wonderful atmosphere.” This sense of community and support has been a lifeline for his family, helping them navigate the challenges of life with renewed hope and strength.



The Role of Fair Employment in Family Well-being

A woman in a fair trade certified factory, surrounded by coworkers, operating machinery and wearing safety gear.

Image source: Fair Trade USA™ Revised Factory Production Standard (FPS)

A decent standard of living – one that covers basic needs and supports a work environment full of dignity and respect – is a human right. Fair trade aims to change this by ensuring that workers have the power to improve their own livelihoods and negotiate their wages and terms of work. 

A living wage - also called a livable wage - covers the basic needs of workers and their families, including food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, transport to work, and a little extra for unforeseen circumstances. Workers at farms, factories, and plantations are among the most vulnerable people in global trade, often lacking formal contracts, freedom of association, basic health and safety assurances, and adequate wages.

Fair trade also promotes collective bargaining, reduces gender pay gaps, and advocates for fairer wages in government laws. By choosing fair trade, consumers support workers’ rights to a decent income and put more money directly into the hands of workers themselves. This support helps create sustainable livelihoods and empowers workers to achieve a better quality of life.

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A Father's Legacy

Ahmad's story is a powerful reminder of the impact that stable, fair employment can have on a family's life. As he continues to work diligently, he is not only providing for his immediate needs but also laying a foundation for his children's futures. Ahmad's dedication and hard work are shaping a legacy of hope, resilience, and opportunity.

A silhouette of a man joyfully lifting his child in the air against a beautiful sunset backdrop.

This Father's Day, we honor Ahmad and all fathers who persevere in the face of adversity to create better lives for their families. Their unwavering commitment and love are the true hallmarks of parenthood, and we at MADE FREE are proud to support and celebrate these incredible individuals.



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