A person in a dark sweater holding a brown leather clutch with a zipper. The background is softly focused, featuring warm tones and blurred objects.

How to Organize Your Purses at Home: A Fun and Practical Guide

Are your purses taking over your closet, spilling out of drawers, or piling up in a corner? If you're nodding along, it's time for a purse intervention! Let’s dive into some easy, fun, and practical ways to organize your purses at home.

Step 1: Declutter and Decide

A person in a dark sweater holding a brown leather clutch with a zipper. The background is softly focused, featuring warm tones and blurred objects.

Pictured: Vegetable Tanned Leather Clutch in Camel. 

First things first, let’s declutter. Pull out all your purses and lay them out where you can see them. This is your moment of truth. Ask yourself these questions:


When was the last time I used this?

If it’s been over a year, it might be time to say goodbye.

Does this purse match my current style?

Fashion evolves, and so do we. Keep what makes you feel fabulous.

Is it in good condition?

Let’s be real, that bag with the broken zipper isn’t coming back into rotation.

    Once you've decided what stays and what goes, consider donating or selling the ones you no longer need. Someone else might love what you’ve outgrown! This is a great way to extend the life of your items and reduce waste.


    Sustainability Tip: Upcycle and Recycle

    For purses that are too worn out to donate or sell, think creatively. Could you upcycle them into something new? Old purses can be transformed into plant holders, storage bins, or even unique wall art. If upcycling isn’t an option, look for recycling programs that accept textiles and accessories.

    Step 2: Categorize by Type and Occasion

    A person wearing a blue and white striped dress and a denim jacket is walking by the sea, carrying a beige tote bag with the word "MADE FREE" printed on it. The sky is cloudy and the ocean is visible in the background.

    Pictured: The MADE FREE Canvas Market Tote–perfect for everyday and travel occasions.

    Now that you’ve streamlined your collection, it’s time to categorize. Group your purses by type and occasion:


    Everyday Bags

    These are your go-to purses for daily use.

    Evening and Special Occasion Bags

    Sparkly clutches, elegant handbags, and anything that makes you feel like a star.

    Travel and Large Bags

    Totes, backpacks, and anything you use for trips or carrying more than just essentials.

    Seasonal Bags

    Bright summer bags, cozy winter bags, and anything else you rotate with the seasons.

      Step 3: Choose Your Storage Solution

      A neatly organized wooden closet with light blue storage boxes on the left shelf, neatly folded clothes in the middle, and navy blue fabric bins in the bottom cubby. The closet also features drawers and additional storage bins on the right.


      Depending on your space and preference, here are some creative and practical storage solutions:

      Shelf Dividers

      Keep your purses upright and easy to see. Shelf dividers can help you create neat little compartments on your closet shelves.

      Upcycled Containers

      Use old shoe boxes or baskets to store your purses. Decorate them with fabric scraps or paint for a personal touch.

      Clear Bins

      Perfect for storing smaller bags. Opt for bins made from recycled plastic or repurpose containers you already have.

      Hanging Organizers

      These are great for maximizing closet space. You can hang them on your closet rod or door.

      Hooks and Pegboards

      Install hooks or pegboards on your closet wall for an instant purse display. This keeps your bags within reach and makes it easy to grab and go.

      Drawer Inserts

      For those with extra drawer space, inserts can help keep your purses organized and protected from damage.

      Step 4: Arrange and Display

      Time to put everything in its place! Arrange your purses in a way that makes sense for you. Here are some tips:

      • By Frequency of Use: Keep your most-used bags at eye level and within easy reach.
      • By Color or Size: Create a visually pleasing display by organizing your purses by color or size.
      • Showcase Favorites: Display your favorite or most beautiful purses prominently. It’s like having a mini boutique in your closet!

      Step 5: Maintain the Order

      The key to keeping your purses organized is maintenance. Here are a few quick tips:

      • Regularly Reevaluate: Every few months, go through your purses and declutter if necessary.
      • Put Them Back Properly: After using a purse, put it back in its designated spot.
      • Rotate Seasonally: Switch out seasonal bags to keep your collection fresh and functional.

      MADE FREE purses for every occasion

      Two individuals stand against a light-colored wall, each holding a tote bag. One has a red tote and wears white pants with brown shoes. The other has a black tote and wears black pants with beige shoes. Their faces are not shown.

      Pictured: The MADE FREE Organic Cotton Day Tote in Red and the eco-friendly Leather Day Tote in Black.

      Choosing a MADE FREE purse supports sustainability, ethical labor practices, and the use of eco-friendly materials. Our purses are designed for style and functionality, perfect for work, social events, travel, or everyday use. Learn more about how the MADE FREE Model is helping to stop human trafficking networks. 


      Organizing your purses doesn’t have to be a chore. With these simple steps, you can create a beautiful and functional purse display that makes finding the perfect bag a breeze. Plus, it’s a great way to appreciate the lovely collection you’ve built over time. Happy organizing!


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