Meet Brad and Katherine Jeffery - Co-Founders of MADE FREE

Meet Brad and Katherine Jeffery - Co-Founders of MADE FREE

Hi! We are Brad and Katherine Jeffery, co-founders of MADE FREE. We have been on this journey together for the past 10 years and are excited to share our story with you.

Our products are quality handcrafted apparel and accessories, made free. Every purchase supports a day of freedom for your crafter from human trafficking + slavery + poverty through a self-sustaining job. 

Over the course of our lives, we never would have imagined that this is how we would serve but now that we are here, we would not have it any other way. It is a privilege to work alongside women and men who are overcomers in the truest sense of the word and watch them thrive through the empowerment that comes through freedom, using ethical fashion and fair trade practices as a vehicle. In addition, we get to connect the fortunate few with the marginalized many, creating opportunity for people to change the world through their purchasing power. Quality handcrafted gear and accessories that are made free:  Free from slavery, free from human trafficking, and free from severe poverty.  

Meet Brad: Growing up with a family business and the leadership example of my father, I was fortunate to gain business exposure and experience during most of my life. I had many opportunities to test and implement business models and product concepts. Through my successes and failures I gained a deep appreciation for the value of people and sustainable business excellence. During my 26 years in the family business I was blessed with the benefits of success; though in year 22 I became disillusioned with what “success” meant, and increasingly felt pulled to seek a life of greater significance.

Shortly, thereafter, I went on a trip to Mexico that rocked my world. I came home to my affluent surroundings of luxury autos, large custom homes and well-manicured lawns (mine included) and literally felt sick to my stomach. My paradigm had shifted and I had new eyes. Before the "Mexico effect” I held the belief that people in less developed countries had the circumstances they did because of their poor choices, irresponsibility and bad governments. If they really wanted to change things, they could and there was nothing I could do about it.

My restlessness led me to seek more answers. I attended a Bob Buford “Halftime” event in Dallas, which produced a strategic life plan. A plan that focused on building a legacy of significance that centered on touching lives in sustainable ways. Helping “the least of these” who were willing, ready and able, but lacked the resources, support and opportunity.

During the next three years I built an outreach program at my company that included a giving strategy, core values, and mission. Much was accomplished to help those in need, but I witnessed something even more valuable. The company was receiving open heart surgery. The employees had their own “Mexico effect”. Their hearts, like mine, turned to a greater interest in others. As a result, the business culture and performance was enriched. That same year the company had record sales and profits, but my brother (co-owner) and I had a parting of ways and I had to leave the business.

In the fall of 2010 I went to Ethiopia and Kenya with 11 other businessmen to meet with area leaders and see the results of micro-finance. I witnessed the poorest of poor in the most inhumane circumstances developing small businesses with a high level of work ethic and attention to detail. They had the skills to make great products but they lacked access to a sustainable marketplace. In addition, corruption was widespread.

While walking through the Kibera slums of Nairobi, an idea came to me: What if a one to one relationship could be created between the fortunate few and the marginalized many in the poorest regions of the world through the purchase of high-quality, handmade, market-relevant fashion supporting dignified jobs for poorest on the planet? And what if each “crafter” was paid enough to take control of their lives and provide essential family needs (shelter, food, clean water, clothing, and medical)? A relationship providing tangible, sustainable life change, and a chance to break the cycle of poverty and slavery. Not a hand-out, but an investment in the well-being of others who don’t have the same opportunities we enjoy in the U.S.

After my return from Africa I couldn’t shake the hunger to develop a business model to help the hurting. As I shared my vision with friends and met my wife who shared my passion and heart for helping the least of these, it became increasingly clear that we were to move forward to engage the fortunate few in helping the marginalized many. 

Meet Katherine:

I have been on this life-changing journey with Brad since the beginning and believe it is a privilege to be able to serve the world in this way. I have always had a heart for those who were vulnerable and have served different populations over the years. This included teens who had gone astray and found a place of transformation in the mountains of North Carolina, children who had to leave their families and were placed in foster care, and college students who were passionate in growing into who they were created to be. Each group was so remarkable and resilient in their own way.

Along the way, I traveled to India to build awareness around the human suffering in the world and what it means to do our part in bringing light into this world. I fell in love with the Indian people and something in me knew this was by design. Shortly after, I met Brad and we have been working together to do our part in working to end poverty, slavery, and trafficking by providing hope and dignity to women and men making the quality products.

I look forward to each journey overseas where the faces and stories come to life and the life-change provided through each purchase becomes real in a very tangible way.  

Thank you for being part of our journey in building a slave-free world! Our crafters thank you as well and it is with deep gratitude that they stitch every product.


MADE FREE is a U.S. based social enterprise and maker of quality handcrafted apparel and accessories. It’s mission is that one million people are made free through self-sustaining jobs. Every purchase supports a day of freedom from slavery and poverty through a self-sustaining job. Learn more about the life-time guarantee backpacks, bags, t-shirts, aprons, journals, and other fashion apparel and accessories at Share your MADE FREE story using the hashtags #MadeFreeonMe.


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