A man holding a yellow backpack and a bottle.

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Backpacks for College Students

Finding the perfect backpack for college that combines style, functionality, and sustainability can be tough, especially with greenwashing everywhere. Gen Z, the generation currently in college, is highly eco-conscious and demands genuine sustainability from the brands they support. About 62% of Gen Z prefers to buy from sustainable brands, and 73% are willing to spend more on ethically sourced products. This generation values transparency and accountability regarding environmental practices.

Gen Z's commitment to sustainability influences their own buying decisions and also impacts older generations. Their preference for sustainable products has boosted sustainable purchasing among Generation X by 24% since 2019. This highlights the importance of supporting brands that are genuinely committed to sustainability.

Each of our top eco-friendly backpacks is crafted from recycled polyester and eco-friendly materials, ensuring durability and weather resistance while reducing plastic waste and conserving resources. Whether you need a backpack for carrying your laptop, MacBook, iPad, or books, we have a sustainable option for you.

Urban Pack

A man holding a yellow backpack and a bottle.

Designed for outdoor adventures, the classroom, or the office, the Urban Pack is made from strong, recycled polyester and biodegradable leather. This weather-resistant backpack adapts to any environment, offering padded straps for comfort and multiple pockets for organization, including a dedicated laptop compartment. The Urban Pack is your go-to choice for functionality and sustainable style. Available in Charcoal, Mustard, and Burnt Orange. 




Urban Pack Mini

Woman walking into a restaurant with black mini urban backpack.

The Urban Pack Mini is the perfect compact version of our popular Urban Pack. Crafted from robust, weather-resistant recycled polyester and eco-friendly leather, it's ideal for minimalist needs. Whether you're hiking, commuting, or heading to a class, this backpack offers functionality and sustainable style in a more portable package. Perfect for those who prefer a lighter load without sacrificing capacity or features, it fits a 13" laptop or iPad comfortably.  Available in Taupe, Mustard, and Charcoal. 

Roll Pack

Man walking down the street with taupe rolltop backpack.

The Roll Pack is your perfect companion for weekend getaways and daily use. Crafted from durable, weather-resistant polyester and eco-friendly leather, it combines longevity with sustainable style. The roll-top closure lets you adjust its volume to meet your needs, while padded pockets and stylish leather trim ensure a reliable and flexible carry throughout the day. This backpack is ideal for carrying books, a laptop, or an iPad, making it a versatile choice for college students. Available in Taupe, Mustard, Burnt Orange, and Charcoal. 




Tote Pack

Woman walking down the street with taupe tote pack.


The Tote Pack is a versatile and eco-friendly bag perfect for any lifestyle. Switch easily between tote, shoulder bag, and backpack with convertible straps. Made from durable, recycled, weather-resistant polyester and top-quality biodegradable leather, the Tote Pack is ideal for daily use, combining practicality with sustainable style. It features ample space for books, a 13" or 15" laptop, and other essentials, making it an excellent choice for students. Available in Taupe.




Sport Bag

Woman in green shirt walking and putting on drawstring sports bag.

The Sport Bag is made from strong, durable, weather-resistant recycled polyester. It features a large front zipper pocket, perfect for storing your keys, phone, and wallet, and can be worn with the pocket against your back for added security. Adjustable straps ensure a custom fit, making it a reliable and eco-friendly choice for your daily activities. This bag is great for campus gym days, yoga on the quad, carrying gym clothes, books, or an iPad. Available in Mustard, Burnt Orange, and Charcoal.



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Each of these eco-friendly backpacks combines functionality, style, and sustainability. Whether you're a college student, a professional, or an adventurer, there's a perfect backpack waiting for you. 



Benefits of Using Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester is a sustainable fabric made from post-consumer plastic bottles. These bottles are cleaned, melted down, and spun into yarn, which is then woven into fabric. This process not only reduces plastic waste but also conserves resources and lowers carbon emissions compared to producing virgin polyester.

  • Reduces Plastic Waste: By repurposing plastic bottles, we help keep them out of landfills and oceans, reducing pollution and its harmful effects on wildlife and ecosystems.
  • Conserves Resources: The production of recycled polyester uses less water and energy than virgin polyester, conserving vital natural resources.
  • Lowers Carbon Footprint: Manufacturing recycled polyester emits fewer greenhouse gases, contributing to the fight against climate change.


Female artisan for MADE FREE handcrafting the urban pack.


But sustainability is much more than just the materials used in products. It encompasses ethical labor practices, environmental impact, and the entire lifecycle of a product. The Sustainable Development Goals provide a broad framework that covers environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainability.

As consumers, we must look beyond the surface and demand transparency and accountability from the brands we support. By doing so, we can ensure that sustainability truly benefits both the planet and the people on it.




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